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The list below represents approximately half of the choral works by John Muehleisen. The balance of the works will be posted as they become available.

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ScorE/AUDIO/text/Notes SCORING PDF Price Duration
A Psalm of Life SATB (div), trumpet in C, and piano View $1.95 6:30
A solis ortus cardine SATB (div) a cappella View $3.00 9:30
Alma Redemptoris Mater Double Choir (SATB/SATB) divisi a cappella View $1.95 6:00
Ascendit SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 4:30
Batter My Heart, Three Person’d God SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 8:30
Cherubikon (Cherubic Hymn) SSAATBB solo voices or mixed choir a cappella View $1.95 7:30
Consolation (Requiem for Newtown) SATB (div) and chimes (tubular bells) View $4.00 13:00
Consolation (Requiem for Parkland) SSAA (div), piano, and chimes (tubular bells) View $4.00 13:00
Da pacem SSAA (div) a cappella, soprano solo View $1.95 7:30
Eat Your Vegetables! – Set One SATB (div) and Bb clarinet View $4.00 #
(3 mvts)
Eat Your Vegetables! – Set Two SATB (div), trumpet, and percussion (1 player) View $4.00 #
(3 mvts)
Eternity Passing Over – An Arctic Requiem SATB soli, SATB choir (divisi), SA semi-chorus, and Inupiat drum View $4.00 14:30
Glory! Double Treble Choir (SSAA/SSAA), Piano, optional Snare Drum View $2.25 8:15
Hope SSA (minimal div) a cappella View $1.95 5:15
Humpty Dumpty’s Recitation SA voices, 2 speakers, and piano View $1.95 5:30
Invocation SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 4:45
Kyrie in Angustiis SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 6:30
Life has Loveliness to Sell SATB and piano View $1.95 4:52
Life has Loveliness to Sell SSA[T]Bar and piano View $1.95 4:52
Love Is SATB (div) and trumpet View $1.95 7:15
Making Peace SATB (div), tenor + soprano saxophones (1 player), and piano View $1.95 8:45
O vos omnes SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 4:30
Perplexed Music SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 4:45
Prairie Waters by Night SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 5:30
River Moons SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 6:30
Salut au Monde Triple SATB choir (div) a cappella View $2.50 9:30
Sing to Me! SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 4:15
Singing Together SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 4:30
Snow (The King’s Trumpeter) SATB (div) and trumpet View $2.10 (CV**) 5:30
Stabat Mater SATB (div) a cappella View $4.00 18:00
That Music Always Round Me SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 5:45
The Field TTBB choir (div) and tenor (field) drum (or snare drum w/ snares off) View $4.00 13:15
The Gathering (“Come In”) SATB soli, SATB choir, audience, piano, perc (opt.) View $1.95 4:45
The Great “O” Antiphons SATB (div) a cappella View $9.00 #
(7 mvts)
The Lark Above the Trenches Soprano solo, SATB choir divisi,
high + low drums, and hand chimes
View $1.95 8:45
The Soul’s Expression SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 2:30
The Stars Still Shine SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 7:30
This Night SATB (div) and harp View $6.50 #
(3 mvts)
Three Limericks TTBB (div) a cappella View $6.00 #
(3 mvts
Tides of Peace SATB (div) a cappella View $1.95 7:00
Veni Sancte Spiritus SATB (div) a cappella View $3.50 13:00
Watching the moon go down SATB (div) a cappella and tenor solo View $2.75 10:30
When All is Done SATB (div) and trumpet View $1.95 8:30

# Each movement is also available separately (see Order Form for prices)
** CV = Published by Colla Voce Music LLC